Thursday 4th May 2023

2023 Female and Non-Binary Camp

A couple of weeks ago we hosted the 2023 Female and Non-Binary Maths Camp, which was a great success. This was the third such camp, and the first one to be held in person. There were a lot of good problems, activities and games, and everyone had a lot of fun, staff and students alike. Our generous sponsor Jane Street hosted an Estimathon, staff answered questions about uni, themselves, jobs and travel during a Q&A session, and we got our creative hats on in the Maths Craft session. Lecturers gave as much maths to the students as they could, and everyone learned a lot and made some friends in the process.

If you are keen to attend the next Female and Non-Binary Camp, enter the NZMO! Even if you don't get through to round 2, there is a good chance we will invite you to the camp.