Thursday 25th May 2023

2023 NZMO Round 1 Starting Soon

The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 (NZMO1) is coming soon - get ready! Problems will be released on 12th June. This consists of a take home exam (a set of 8 problems), and solutions are to be submitted by 30th June, so you will have 3 weeks.

We encourage everyone to enter - it doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or have never tried olympiad style problems before. The problems are designed to be fun to work on, and you have plenty of time to think about them. There is no downside to submitting, so even if you didn't manage to solve any, you should still scan your workings and submit. Everyone that participates in the NZMO1 will be considered for invitation to other events, such as the NZMO round 2, the training camps in January and April, and potentially other camps and events. For more information about the NZMO, including who is eligible to enter, please see the regulations: NZMO competition.

Any queries should be directed to the NZMOC secretary .