Saturday 15th July 2023

2023 IMO Results

This year the IMO was held in Chiba, Japan, fully in-person. We held the pre-IMO camp in Auckland, where the team sat a series of mock exams, before travelling to Japan.

I am pleased to announce that New Zealand came joint 64th overall, out of 112 countries, with 1 medal and 5 honourable mentions. Congratulations to all the competitors; full results are now available here:

IMO 2023 results

If you want to have a go at the problems they are available here: 2023 IMO problems

Thanks go to Jane Street, and the rest of our sponsors, for making New Zealand's participation in the IMO possible: Sponsors

The team outside the opening ceremony, with our guide Yuqing Wu.
Ice skating in Auckland
Ramsey and Rocky get a better view.