Thursday 28th May 2020

2020 NZMO Announcement

The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad (NZMO) consists of two rounds:

Round One (the NZMO1): A take home exam (a set of 8 problems). The problems will be released on 20th June. Solutions are to be submitted by 28th July. Participation in the NZMO1 is open to any New Zealand intermediate or secondary level student.

Round Two (the NZMO2): A three hour exam in September. Participation in the NZMO2 is by invitation only, based on the results of the NZMO1.

There is no need to pre-register for the NZMO1. To participate simply download the problems from this website (once they have been released on 20th June) and submit your solutions and contact details here before 28th July. More detailed instructions and general information can be found here.

Awards for the NZMO (gold/silver/bronze/honourable mention) will be made based on the results of the NZMO2. Scores will not be announced for either round. Participants in the NZMO1 will only receive an indication of whether they have been invited to participate in the NZMO2; participants in the NZMO2 will just be told the level of their award, if any.

In addition, the results of both rounds of the NZMO will be used to select about 25 students to participate in the NZMOC training camp, to be held at the University of Auckland in January 2021. Only students who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, and who will still be enrolled in intermediate or secondary school (or registered as home-schooled) in 2021, are eligible for NZMOC training camp selection. The training camp is the first step in the selection process to choose the team of six students to represent New Zealand at the 2021 International Mathematical Olympiad, (IMO). Only students who attend this camp are eligible for team selection.

Any queries should be directed to the NZMOC secretary.