Monday 28th September 2020

2020 IMO Results

The IMO this year was quite different to normal because of the Covid-19 situation meaning that an in-person IMO in St Petersburg was impossible. Most teams sat the competition from their own countries, and all the events and excursions were held online.

I am very pleased to announce that New Zealand did very well this year, coming 47th overall and scoring our second ever gold medal! Congratulations to all the competitors; full results are now available here:

IMO 2020 results

If you want to have a go at the problems they are available here: 2020 IMO problems

For personal accounts of this years competition from the team members, head over to the IMO reports section: IMO reports

Here is a photo with our guide Lidiya.
The Christchurch exam centre.
Playing so hard we broke a frisbee.
An excursion playing mini-golf and riding around.