IMO Reports

20th March 2008

Jingcheng Bian: IMO 2007 Vietnam Report

This year, I was chosen to represent New Zealand at the 48th International Mathematical Olympiad held in Hanoi, Vietnam, along with 5 other high school students. The team selection process began from September of last year, where we did a problem set called the September …Read more

20th March 2008

Ilya Chevyrev: IMO 2007 Vietnam Report

The experience that I received from attending the International Mathematical Olympiad was both enjoyable and undoubtedly irreplaceable. I feel very privileged to have been given the chance to represent New Zealand in such an important and remarkable event. It all started for …Read more

16th March 2008

Martin Spencer: IMO 2006 Slovenia

This year was my second attempt at making the New Zealand Maths Olympiad team, and this time I was fortunate enough to be selected for the team to travel to Ljubljana, Slovenia, to compete in the 47th International Mathematical Olympiad. The trip began early in July when …Read more

16th March 2008

Ronald Chan: IMO 2006 Slovenia Report

The training at Grafton Camp prior to the IMO was very useful in learning mathematics that one does not get much chance to learn in secondary school, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. Afterwards, there was a flight to Germany for acclimatization and some mock …Read more

16th March 2008

Rupert Nelson: IMO 2006 Slovenia Report

After six months of hard preparation it was time for the New Zealand team to leave. We assembled at Grafton Hall, an Auckland University student boarding house. Our time at Grafton Hall was largely dictated by the copious amounts of practice we did for the competition. With …Read more

16th March 2008

Jingcheng Bian: IMO 2006 Slovenia Report

I participated in the 47th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was an absolutely wonderful experience for me, the event itself was well-organized, and my trip organized by the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Committee (NZMOC) was also …Read more

16th March 2008

Hyo-Reep Song: IMO 2006 Slovenia Report

My name is Hyo Reep Song and I was a member of New Zealand Maths Olympiad team in 2006. We represented NZ at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Slovenia in between 6th and the 20th of July 2006. It was very tough to get in to the NZ team. I had to do September …Read more

13th March 2008

Eric Kang: IMO 2004 Greece Report

This year’s NZIMO team was unusual for a couple of reasons: One, that the IMO was a first for every member of the team, and two, we had a film crew of three people constantly filming us the whole trip. This may suggest to some people for the team chemistry to have been …Read more